Hey there!

Welcome to The Vintage Loving Spoonie. The place where I plan to share a variety of things that encompass not only my fight against fibromyalgia & PTSD but our home in general. I’ll be sharing our ups & downs with a little love, laughter & food thrown in for good measure. Everything that makes living life as a “spoonie” a little more bearable!

Me (in a nutshell!)

Hi, I’m Louise, the voice behind the blog. I’m an almost 40 year old wife, mother to two teenage girls & fur mumma to an Aussie bulldog. I’m a chronic illness fighting spoonie, PTSD warrior who has a love for all things vintage & a passion for buying pre-loved things! My ill health has meant our lives have had a dramatic change in the last few years & I spend a lot of time on the couch wrapped in a blanket sleeping!  I love crafting, baking, up cycling furniture & trawling through second hand shops & garage sales, when I’m having a good day. On my not so good days I love nothing more than snuggling up with a fluffy blanket, my flatulent bulldog & binge watching Netflix shows.

The Hubby

The hubby is a 40 something soccer mad, camping enthusiast, fisherman & also a bulldog lover! He is my best friend & soul mate & we love nothing more than spending time together in the beautiful outdoors in our little corner of Western Australia, whether it’s at the beach or in our backyard we feel blessed to be living in such a beautiful country.

Daughters 17 & 14

Our beautiful Daughters are 17 & 14, they’re like chalk n cheese in absolutely everything & every way. Daughter 17 loves all things modern expensive & new. Daughter 14 loves all things shabby chic vintage, but they are both united in testing our parenting skills in different ways during their current teenage years!

Flatulent Bulldog 

Our beloved Aussie Bulldog is the pride & joy of our family. Bulldogs are the clowns of the dog world & ours is no exception, he never fails to bring a smile to any of our faces & creates many an amusing moment several times a day! He is a high maintenance anxiety ridden, flatulent fur ball of wrinkles!